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We are pleased to offer a variety of workshops and events.

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Healing House offers regular weekend Wellness Retreats in Whangamata. These Retreats are an opportunity for those who are seeking to explore your spiritual self and expand your consciousness to align with your life purpose. It is an opportunity to create lasting transformation and permanent healing from within. The workshops and healings offered, aim to support you to reconnect with what’s important to your heart and soul and strengthen your practice of living a life based on your intuition and guidance.

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Regular Workshops

Chakras & Moving Energy

We are offering a new and exciting workshop focusing on the movement of energy through our spiritual and physical bodies.

    A workshop offering the opportunity to:

  • Develop a greater understanding of our Energy bodies (Aura) and Energy Centres (Chakras)
  • Learn & practice some easy and highly beneficial Naam Yoga Postures, Mudras and Mantras
  • Learn more about chakra colours, sounds, crystals, and energy anatomy.
  • Take home notes and practical skills to enable you to connect with your chakras, nourish, strengthen, balance / clear them.
  • No yoga experience required. Beginners welcome.

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The Magik of Crystals

A half day workshop where we learn about crystals, how to use crystals for balancing our chakras, and making crystal elixirs.

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Chakras and Healing Energy Part I

This popular workshop is devoted to promoting self-awareness of the human energy system and how it impacts your physical wellbeing and your life experience. You will learn how to assess & experience the energy of your own Chakra System to promote happiness & wellbeing. We will explore techniques you can utilize in your everyday life to improve your energy, your physical health and your life. We will discuss colour, energy, meditation, associated crystals, movement and anatomy of the chakras. Information booklet provided.

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Chakras and Healing Energy Part II

Would you like to gain a greater understanding of CHAKRAS and HEALING ENERGY?

This workshop is designed to follow on from Part I. with a deeper understanding of out 12 Chakra system and the opportunity to participate and practice. A certificate of participation and completion of both courses is provided. A great start to those who are wanting to offer energy healing to family and friends.

    In this workshop you will:
  • Learn more about the Major (7 - 12) and minor Chakras of your energy system
  • Discover how to clear and balance your Chakras
  • Learn how to use Crystals with Chakras and a pendulum
  • Learn about human energy fields/auras and how to see them
  • Have an opportunity to practice and experience the power of working with crystals, chakras and energy in its healing form.

Information booklet included. This is a certified Part I & II course.

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Oracle Card Workshop

This half day workshop gives you all you need to begin your oracle card journey. Whether you are a complete beginner, or have some experience of Oracle cards, this workshop is for you connect with others and have fun with the cards and gain confidence to do readings either for yourself or others, and most of all, it will help you to find guidance and connection for your everyday life.

You’ll learn what oracle cards are and how they work. How to read and interpret the cards, how to ask the right questions so you get the most out of your cards, reverse cards and other uses for oracle cards such as meditation and as a guidance for your everyday worries and stresses.

Please note this is not a Tarot workshop.

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Meditation & More!

This 8 week mediation course offers simple and enjoyable forms of meditation designed to help you achieve a happy and healthy lifestyle. Meditation is for everyone. It’s enjoyable, natural and can be a deeply meaningful and insightful experience.

This is a course designed to give you the structure & guidance you need to effectively integrate practical and powerful methods of meditation into your daily life. We will explore different types of mediation to find the ones that work for you.

Offering step by step process to shift your mind to focus inward, to calm the mind, to breath and to listen to your inner voice. Thus enabling more mindful ways to relax and deal with your difficult thoughts and emotions.

It is offered as two 4 week blocks. 1.5hrs every Thursday evening.