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Useful Websites

Crystal Connections

Cara’s training was undertaken with Kay Ford of Crystal Connections and owner of the shop “Avalon” in Dominion Road Mt Eden.


Vianna’s “Nature’s Path” website and the ThetaHealing™ Institute of Knowledge. Learn more about how ThetaHealing™ has expanded by visiting the new website of the ThetaHealing™ Institute of Knowledge (THInK) in Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA. The Institute offers courses to both Practitioners and Teachers.

EMF Balancing Technique®

The EMF Balancing Technique® is the energy system designed to work with the Universal Calibration Lattice®, a system in the human energy anatomy. The technique is a simple and elegant systematic procedure anyone can learn, utilising the human to human effect upon the electromagnetic field.

Reconnective Healing®

Eric Pearl - Reconnective Healing® Seminars and Reconnection Practitioners Directory. The official web site for The Reconnection. You'll find information on mastery of healing.


The Biopulse Technologies Ionisation Unit has been developed by International scientists and researchers as a therapeutic aid for revitalization and well being. The Biopulse unit produces ionised water which stimulates the body's own natural cleansing processes at the cellular level.

Naam Yoga  

Naam Yoga is fun and heart centered yoga. We work with our breath to have calmness in the mind, we move our bodies to create a strong and healthy nervous system to be in the right place at the right time and we work with the power of the word so our whole existence is uplifted, nurtured and enlivened. Naam Yoga® uses the power of vibration and sound. It also uses mudras, or hand seals, to produce a state of balance in the body.

Natural Therapy Pages

A comprehensive descriptions and articles of interest about many of the natural therapies available in New Zealand. Outlined are general therapy descriptions, the illnesses that they help and what to expect in a typical treatment session. Reading about these therapies is the first learning phase for you, contacting a practitioner will guide you toward the healing experience.