Transforming your
Mind & Body, Heart & Soul

Energy Healing


The focus of Energy work is to bring healing and restoration to you, and to leave you feeling centered, relaxed and harmonized. Energy healing is a great way to access your personal healing, and to connect you to a sense of peace and harmony.

Each healing session is specific to you - spirit always does what is needed for each individual at that time. Healing energy of the 'highest' is channelled through our hands, activating the immune system and stimulating the body's own healing machanism, restoring balance and wellbeing.

It is an ancient art that has been practised in many cultures. Today, quantum physics is starting to recognise its subtle ways of working.

"Our purpose in life is to accept and appreciate the vital life force / energy that exists within us now. We are endowed with an energy that is manifested in flesh and bone.. that lives and breathes. It is this energy that is not to be taken for granted; but is for us to learn to rejoice, enjoy and celebrate it."

Energy Healing involves lying upon a massage table, clothed, while your practitioner works on your Chakras, auric-field and spiritual body.

During the healing, your practitioner may lay their hands upon parts of your body (such as the forehead, stomach, feet etc) as well as working in your auric-field above your body. Often they will use Crystals to assist in the healing.

We often ask you to participate in visualisations and breath work which will help you relax into a light trance state to aid the work being done. You will be guided in your self-healing through the connection to the Universal Source of Energy.

Some people find that they require a single session, while others may prefer to have regular energetic treatments to help maximize their personal and spiritual energy.

Please Note: All our healing modalities are not a substitute for medical or psychological care. We rather see their use in a supportive role in healing and manifestation.